Shruti Prabhu - About & Contact

Hello! I'm Shruti.

I am a graphic designer turned children’s book illustrator who loves colour, texture and storytelling.

I bring my whimsical characters to life with mixed media mainly: watercolour, gouache, colour pencils and pastels. My work is influenced by lush tropical landscapes, folklore, food and my bustling hometown Mumbai. When I’m not drawing, I am busy obsessing over my balcony garden and playing retro video games.

I’ve been drawing since before I can remember but I graduated with a BFA in Typography from Sir JJ institute (2009) and MA in design and branding from University of Arts, London (2011).  

At the moment I'm

  • Brainstorming/writing my debut author/illustrator picturebook
  • Enjoying plein air painting and sketchbooking
  • Learning to grow vegetables and flowers in a small space
  • Obsessing over french ultramarine
  • Reading everything from picturebooks to graphic novels.

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Shruti Prabhu - About

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For potential projects and commissions, drop me an email at shruti.prabhu{at}gmail{dot}com