Pineapple Girl

7 into summer illustration challenge with Ohn Mar Win

This June I participated in the lovely illustrator Ohn Mar Win‘s summer illustration prompts. It was a 7 day challenge starting on June 1st till June 7th.

Ohn Mar on Instagram – “I’m excited to announce a fun 7 day prompt list. 🍦☀️Summer is upon us (I’m sure it will stop raining in the UK soon) So starting on June 1st till June 7th there will be a fun prompt that will get you in to mood for for sunny season and mid summer 😎🍹 You can use any medium or combination of materials-just have lots of fun and be inspired.”

Ohn Mar Win - Summer

Day 1 – Cocktails

Bar Cart - Food Illustration

Day 2 – Ice cream

Food Illustration - Ice cream

Day 3 – Lemonade

OhnMar7 - Lemonade


Day 4 – Pineapple

Pineapple Girl

Day 5 – Palm Leaves


Day 6 – Flipflops

Flipflops and Picnic

Day 7 – Sunglasses

Pride Month - Summer Illustration

Thank you Ohn Mar, for these fun summer illustration prompts. Check out #ohnmar7summer for entries by other fellow illustrators.

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